How to Exercise Your Horse for Strength and Flexibility

Watch an expert explain how to exercise a horse in this free online video on basic horse care.

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  • All types of exercise left horses in a more cooperative and less reactive mood. This was reflected in less vocalizing while being handled and in taking less time to load onto weight scales. Whether they got exercise made no difference, however, in how horses behaved during trailer loading.

    Susan Gell and Roy Rodgers exercise their horse, Shoshoni, in on Wednesday in Luss, Scotland. Roy and Susan both live on Inchtavannaich Island on Loch Lomond and regularly take their horses to the mainland for exercise by letting the horse swim across the water. Loch Lomond is the largest freshwater loch in Scotland with about thirty islands.

  • Many good books have been written about the topic of exercising your horse for strength and flexibility and I will simply echo here in a brief summary what are considered to be the basic strengthening and flexing exercises. I recommend to enlist the help of an experienced training in perfecting these techniques. >>>>image right: Hillwork is great exercise.>>>>

    Some individuals choose to combine their exercise riding career with another equine related role, such as working as a groom or in stable management. They exercise horses in the morning and attend to their other duties after the riding work is completed.

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  • In addition, the horse's mental state is affected and behavioral problems related to pent-up energy and associated with confinement develop. When you do try to ride or exercise the horse, it may respond by bucking or kicking. Cribbing, stall walking, weaving, wind sucking and other vices or stereotypies may become part of the horse's personality due to confinement and lack of exercise.

How to Exercise Your Horse for Strength and Flexibility

If your horse is getting plenty of exercise, good for you! If not, you will need to ease into an exercise routine beginning with light exercise such as walking, exercising the horse on a rope, or longeing the horse, being careful not to put too much stress on the horse's legs.