Ab Exercises With Gliding Discs

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  • If you’re bored doing monotonous crunches to tone up your abs, mix it up by trying gliding, or fitness, discs. "Gliding" can refer either to a brand of fitness disc or be applied more generally to describe these devices that enable the user to glide across the floor -- envision ice skating through your living room. The discs are about the size of a paper plate; you can actually use paper plates as fitness discs to save money, though fitness discs are not typically expensive. For best results, exercise with gliding discs at least three times per week.

    Step aside, electric slide! Exercising with gliding discs ($15 for two at ) can transform your inner and outer thighs — and lift your booty to boot. Do this routine two to three times a week, three times through for best results.

  • The gliding discs can add a whole new dimension to your fitness regimen. They help enhance your balance and flexibility and improve your stamina. Here’s how you can perform the standard strength training exercises using gliding discs.

    The glider discs act as a nice alternative to break up your exercise routine. You can integrate multiple muscle groups with each exercise, and you can REALLY get a GREAT CORE workout! This video demonstrates just a few exercises that I like to do with the discs. There's a lot of room for creativity and you can make up your own exercises using glider discs! Enjoy!

gliding discs provide low-impact weight-bearing exercise