Model SPG-F-300W Exercise Bike Generator

Model SPG-F-300W Exercise Bike Generator

Self-generating Electricity Upright Cycle Generator 800W For Charge 36V Battery Stationary Bike Dynamo Electric Bike Generator

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  • Exercise Generator is a time-saving tool that enables teachers to create and print out paper-based worksheets in minutes. The program includes a range of texts and activities on topics , but the great strength of Exercise Generator is that it additionally allows teachers to input their own texts which are then quickly and easily turned into neatly laid-out activities. The program includes nine different exercise types including gapfill, jumbled words, wordsearch, proof reading and sentence matching.

    For all writers, this writer's random exercise generator creates a mini creative task to kick start the imagination before a writing session. After a few minutes fun, and a few notes written down, it is much easier to tackle the important stuff. Many would-be writers fail because they struggle to find the first sentence that would get them started. Our mini assignments are designed to get the creative juices flowing without it mattering if the results are good or bad. Most exercises can perhaps be completed in 5 minutes but definitely less than 30. If the first task is not inspiring, generate another that is!

  • Engines always run better when they have warmed up and your creative engine - your brain - is no exception. Getting blood to the parts of the mind that spark inspiration is what the Writer's Exercise Generator is about. However, if you're teaching English some of the ideas here could be used in lessons too. This generator also produces an occasional brilliant, inspirational plot idea in it's own right.

    I’ve always been impressed with exercise bike generator displays at renewable energy exhibits. So, a while back, when I saw a classic Schwinn exercise bike at the thrift store, I nabbed it with the plan to make it into an EXERCISE BIKE GENERATOR!

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    Using the Exercise Generator

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    • Designed to bolt onto the popular Sunny Indoor Cycling Bike
    • Training video shows you how to bolt it on HERE
    • DC output able to charge 12V batteries
    • Comes with built in blocking diode
    • Built in thermal fuse (Resets after 2 minutes)
    • Alternative energy resource
    • Used for emergency power
    • Prepper bunker power
    • Great for classroom education
    • Good for youth and adult
    • Able to drive 12V water pump
    • Able to drive  12V blender
    • Able to drive 12V air compressor
    • Charges portable powerpacks
    • Up to 300 Watts of power

    ACCESSORIES (Addons)

    • 3 Way combiner box to combine 3 bicycle generators into 1 output
    • DVD Movie player for kids or adults
    • Power meter for your handle bars to see how many Watts you are putting out.
    • Duracell powerpack (Stores your energy)
    • Spare generator (Good for a minimum of 2,000 hours)
    • 14V DC-DC Voltage regulator  for feeding energy directly to an AC Inverter
    • WPM – WattsVIEW Power Monitor for your computer or MAC
    • Spare rubber roller
    • Charge controller suggested for small batteries under 40 Amp hours

    Exercise Generator

    Most fields in Worksheet Crafter provide an Exercise Generator. Thanks to the Exercise Generator you have less work to do because it calculates and fills in exercises based on a very few settings. It also features the capability to print the exercise as well as the solution.

Exercise Bike Generator - YouTube

Spinner bike for exercise
Digital LCD display for heat rate, time, speed, distance, calorie and total distance etc.
Combined with DC permanent magnet power generator
Direct drive generator, low noise
Pedal for exercise while generate electricity, can transfer human energy into power, eco-friendly
Self power generating system, no power supply, no fuel
Portable power box to store the power generated with both DC and AC output
Overcharge protection
Indication of battery power level
Portable power box with 12v/26Ah battery and 300w inverter is optional
Output power: 150-200w, Max.500w
DC output: 14.5V
Rated speed: 60~80rpm
Bike loading weight: max. 150kg
Dimension: 1200*280*850mm