Can You Really Get Fit With Wii Exercise Games?

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  • Put your drinks across the room so when you get thirsty you have to get up and get it lol. It would be cool to get one of those generators that is bycicle powered and hook up your game consoles to it so you have to sit there and pedal or else the power cuts out. A bycicle seat thingy would be cool but I'd rather use a treadmill or eliptical runner while gaming. Have you see that adam sandler movie... 20 first dates or something like that??? with drew berrymore. Drew's character's brother only excersizes his one arm for some reason(i forget). One arm is small and puny and the other is ripped.I would think thats what would happen if you did the bycicle seat thing lol. Your legs would be ripped and then the rest of you would be all puny. whereas walking/running would bring more muscles into play. Strap weights to your wrist and your arms will get a work out to just from holding the controller up.It sucks how much exercise equipment costs =/
    Well, you wouldn't really get ripped in the legs, as you'd be doing aerobic workouts, which develops cardio as well as long/lean muscles instead of ripped muscles (which stems from anaerobic exercise, like doing heavy lifting), but if you were bike pedaling consistently with good effort for an hour, you'd get a good workout while being able to play games.

    The generator idea is a cool one, but the problem is not only the cost of equipment, but also the fact that you can't really generate enough power to keep the system powered, given how much energy those types of generators actually create. Also, the power-cycling (no pun intended) that could occur with the powering up and powering down of the gear through the pedaling of the bike would be horrible for the longevity of the system as well.

    If you were serious about doing exercise while gaming, you can either get games that are more focused on getting activity in while playing (DDR/Pump it up, WiiFit, or other such applications), or do something like get an inexpensive exercise bike with resistance , and merely play games while pedaling on that. However, be warned that doing the same exercise every day will ultimately cause a plateu effect where the benefits of the exercise aren't that great anymore, and your body doesn't respond as well to it, hence why diversification is a huge part of a good exercise program.

    This of course begs the questions, can Pokémon GO (or Ingress for that matter) really be considered an “exercise game”. You’re not really running, or breaking a sweat, or even getting an elevated heartrate.

  • We also have a 6 and 8 year olds. In your full review of WF+ you mentioned: “3) The ability to measure a child or pet. This is a gimmick, of course, but a totally fun one if you have the aforementioned child or pet to measure. :)”
    Actually I think it is a great option, as like you said, you have kids or pets. The Balance Board exercises and games work based on your weight. For example, if they try to do the obstacle course based on my Mii, most jumps don’t register as my kids are so much lighter. So, if you have kids, it is great to have that in there.

    Jennie, as funny as it sounds, I would recommend a game like We Cheer 2. It’s a great low-impact workout where you wouldn’t need to twist and jump like the other exercise games. For more grown-up fare, EA Sports Active is good too; you can customize your workouts so you can eliminate specific exercises that force you to put pressure on your ankle and set that as your daily routine.

  • Hi Thank You so much for these reviews they have been very helpful. I am an 18 year old college student and I am trying to decide which Wii exercise game would work best for me on a daily basis. The thing is that I have chronic pain in my ankle from an accident so it is hard for me to balance and jump. I was wondering what game you feel is best if you have limitations like mine. I am looking for a game that will help me loose as much weight as possible. Since you have tried all of these games I thought you would be best to ask.

A way to exercise while gaming

Newer systems such as , and Wii use alternative such as the and . The Move uses image analysis to extract the motion of the user against a background and uses these motions to control the character in the game. A specifically designed exercise game , superimposes animated objects to be punched, kicked, or otherwise interacted with over a video image of the user. The Wii and PlayStation 3 both incorporate motion sensors such as and into the hand-held controllers that are used to direct behaviors within the game.