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Proper Exercise Programs for Pregnant Women

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  • With mild exercise, pregnant women have a greater increase in respiratory frequency and oxygen consumption to meet their greater oxygen demand. As exercise increases to moderate and maximal levels, however, pregnant women demonstrate decreased respiratory frequency, lower tidal volume and maximal oxygen consumption. The oxygen demand at high levels of activity appears to overwhelm the adaptive changes that occur at rest. This may be partially due to the obstructive effect of an enlarged uterus on diaphragmatic movement. Subjective effort with aerobic exercise is heightened, and several studies have shown a decreased maximal voluntary exercise performance in pregnant women.

    While gynecologists allow a woman accustomed to aerobic exercise before pregnancy’s continue along it, not advised to intensify the effort, or that women with sedentary habit now begin an aerobic activity beyond a hike.

  • Top 7 Exercises for Pregnancy:
    1. Walking
    2. Swimming
    3. Low-impact aerobics
    4. Dancing
    5. Yoga
    6. Stretching
    7. Strength training

    The benefits of regular exercise for nonpregnant women are generally acknowledged. Indeed, an exercise regimen has become an integral part of daily life for many women. However, theoretic concerns arise regarding the effects of exercise on pregnant women. Objective data on the impact of exercise on the mother, the fetus and the course of pregnancy are limited, and results of the few studies in humans are often equivocal or contradictory. Although various exercise guidelines are available, they are usually conservative and are frequently based on controversial opinions. Consequently, the pregnant woman and her physician may be uncertain about the safety of exercise during pregnancy.

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    I’m 13 weeks pregnant and it’s my second pregnancy. I was not doing a lot of exercise before my pregnancy but was just beginning to try to improve my routine to 4-6 days a week when I got pregnant. It says that this dvd is not for beginners, so I’d like to know if you have any suggestion for getting in better health while pregnant. Is it possible to adjust the exercises of your dvd? Do you have other material? Thank you!

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To prevent common pregnancy related complications such as diastasis recti (abdominal separation), back pain, and pelvic instability, all pregnant women should strengthen their deepest abdominal muscle, their Transverse Abdominis, or TvA. This muscle is our internal “girdle” and when contracted, compresses the abdomen. As an added benefit, because the TvA is the primary, voluntary expulsion muscle, maintaining strength in this muscle greatly aids in the pushing phase of labor. Two safe TvA exercises for pregnancy can be found at: