Bully Max’s muscle building exercise for dogs:

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  • You really can have a dog (or more than one dog) without living someplace with a big, fenced in yard. We live in a townhouse with a “backyard” that is about the size of a bathroom. Hmmm… that’s interesting because the backyard actually IS my bathroom! Anyway, there are a lot of ways to get exercise for dogs. We’ll show you how and where.

    Even a little bit of exercise can slow down the progression of canine arthritis, and if your dog already has it it’s still important that he gets enough exercise. Short walks with low intensity, and swimming are great options for arthritic dogs. For dogs with dysplasia, it’s important that dogs keep any extra weight off, it could put stress on the joints. Moderate running or walking can help strengthen the muscles around the joint, swimming is also an option. Just because your dog has a joint disorder, you should not rule out the importance of exercise. Exercise for dogs with a luxating patella or dysplasia or even arthritis is important with certain modifications. If your dog has a joint disorder, before you start your dog on a new exercise regimen, talk to your veterinarian.

  • Usually the easiest way to make sure that your dogs exercise is by playing fetch with them in the backyard. But… what if you don’t have a big, fenced-in back yard? There are many ways to get exercise for dogs and we’ll tell you all about them.

    Yes… I know that sentence was repeated several times. There is a reason for it… it’s true. If you are not willing to find ways to get exercise for dogs, you shouldn’t have one.

  • In a perfect world being healthier would be enough of a reason to make sure that get exercise for dogs, but unfortunately that’s not enough motivation for a lot of people.

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We would think this would be the most common exercise for dogs, but for some owners, who can’t run for various reasons, it’s not even an option. Well, we here at dogPACER pride ourselves on being able to make it an option for every dog to ensure that every dog can go for a run, despite the weather and despite any problems the owner may be experiencing regarding physical limitations. Truth is, to ensure longevity for our canine friends, because frankly, dogs are our life! And you probably wouldn’t be here if they weren’t yours.