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  • There are 56 muscles in the face. That’s amazing for such a small area. When exercising your face, you should isolate each muscle group with repeated exercises. You should feel the same burning sensation you feel when you do exercises with other parts of your body. You can use your hands for resistance. This will cause your muscles to work harder while preventing wrinkles from forming. It is equally important that you stay consistent with your exercises.

    Health and fitness experts strongly recommend exercise as a good foundation for physical fitness. But not all of these fitness gurus will readily promote facial exercises for face fitness.

  • Other facial exercises include sticking your tongue out as far as you can and raising your eyebrows as high as you can (for five seconds). If possible, move your nose from side to side. The important thing to remember is that exercising your face is just like exercising your body. If you’re going to do it, it needs to be something you’re committed to do on a daily basis; at least five days a week.

    I am 22 and don't have any wrinkles—yet. Even so, Maggio and Cleaves told me that I'm already far, far behind on my exercising. To make up for lost time, I went to see Valeria Georgescu, the leading face-exercise guru in Washington, D.C. Georgescu is the creator of FACE (Facial Activation Conscious Engagement) Val-U. (Yes, it's a play on her name.) She's 46, works at , and has been exercising her face for 20 years. She doesn't have a single wrinkle.

  • Eva Fraser has taught thousands of men and women how to exercise their face and she knows her methods work - at 73 years old, she is frequently mistaken for somebody 20 years younger.

Brow Exercise Put each of your index finger right above your eyebrows

I’m astounded! I’ve exercised my face for years with other programs and I’ve NEVER seen such quick results. In only a couple of days, my mouth is level after staying down-turned through years of facial exercise. I am thrilled.”