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  • Popularized in Russia, a kettlebell is essentially a cannon ball with a handle on the end of it. With this one simple tool, you can do an endless number of workouts that will whip your body into shape in no time. The best thing about kettlebells is that while they are heavy, they are ultimately a very small piece of exercise equipment for weight loss. Kettlebells are perfect for those with space-constraints who simply don't have room for a ton of fitness equipment but still want a great workout.

    Weight loss and exercise is a huge industry littered with plenty of products one simply does not need. When searching for the best exercise equipment for weight loss, it's important to have an awareness of some of the equipment that is unnecessary in reaching your goals:

  • Most people are aware of the benefits of exercise for weight loss but may find themselves not sure where to begin engaging in a fitness routine. With so many options available, what is the best exercise equipment for weight loss? Here, we go over some of the exercise equipment for weight loss you need and others that you don't.

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