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  • Limited mobility and motor control come with the territory as we age, but you don‘t have to let these factors influence your senior fitness routine. With Theracycle exercise equipment for seniors, you can stay healthy, increase your energy, and even reduce leg and joint stiffness. Our whisper-quiet exercise equipment features a unique that aids your leg movement as you ease through your daily senior exercise routine. The one-of-a-kind motorized technology, stable construction, and secure frame ensure you feel safe and supported as you finish your at-home full-body workout with confidence.

    Staying fit or getting fit requires exercise—not moving perpetuates not being able to move. But simple exercise equipment for seniors makes it possible to start a fitness plan at any age and at any level—no excuses.

    One simple way to get started is with an like the one from Drive Medical. An exercise peddler is an economical piece of floor exercise equipment for seniors that provides a safe and gentle form of low impact activity. It stimulates circulation and is ideal for toning leg muscles; it can also be used on a table to exercise the arms. And the tension can be easily adjusted for more or less resistance.

    Another option is to start a walking program, possibly the simplest form of exercise. You can start with short walks and increase the time as you build stamina. The key is to add steps every day. A simple way to track your progress is with a pedometer, like the that measures distance walked, time elapsed and calories burned while walking. Its built-in memory captures data so results can be compared and progress checked over an entire week of activity.

  • Exercise equipment for seniors can provide a good cardiovascular, aerobic, and weight training program. Having two or more items will allow you to alternate between them providing you with a better exercise program and will keep you from feeling burned out from doing exactly the same vigorous routine. Use this time for you to listen to your favorite music, read a book, or watch TV. Make this time enjoyable and never something you feel compelled to complete. Find some friends to join in along with you while exercising. Making exercise fun is both motivational and encouraging, and can lead to better relationships, health, your overal wellness, and enjoyment during the good lifetime of retirement.

    If there is extra room at home considerations to buy some equipment might be beneficial. Using a workout room at home promotes ease and convenience. It’ll provide comfort and privacy also. Choosing machines or exercise equipment for seniors that helps ensure safety is also important. There are many options that an elderly person may take into consideration to meet these needs.

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