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If you didn’t see something you like in this list of newer DVDs, we have many exercise DVDs to choose from – for more selections.

Zumba Fitness Incredible Slimdown DVD System

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  • Whether you’re interested in the intense, 30-Day Shred, Shaun T’s Rockin’ Body, Yoga for Beginners Boxed Set, or a 6-week sculpting makeover, our variety of exercise DVDs will get you off the couch and moving. If you’re in need of more inspiration and motivation, we also carry a wide selection of health, fitness, and exercise magazines that bring you monthly innovation when you need it.

    With exercise DVDs, you can work out on your own time, repeat your favorite sections, rewind, jump forward, and learn how to do the moves by slowing down the lesson. Find your favorite teachers, instructors, and exercise types by using our convenient shopping filters and options to quickly refine your search results. From Blu-ray to DVD, Pilates to kickboxing, get pumped and motivated with charismatic instructors like Jillian Michaels, Leslie Sansone, Bob Harper, and Tony Horton and their graduated programs of exercise DVDs that you can master at your own pace. You can also filter by price, promotion, average customer review, director, shipping option, series, exercise type, and more.

  • Adding exercise as a way to increase your healthy lifestyle can be easy and fun. You can get yourself on the right track with a variety of exercise DVDs that offer tips, routines, and workouts for weights, yoga, running, and more.

    So have you tried any of these reality star DVDs? Do you love them, or are they gathering dust? Which exercise DVDs do you swear by? Let us know in the comments!

  • Yuck. This story is a familiar one– every diet website tries to sell us the same bill of goods. Nope, I’m not buying it. But unfortunately, lots of women do, and have found a variety of negative effects on body and self-image for some women who use exercise DVDs. citing the above study and other related ones, arguing that live exercise classes are more inclusive and motivating. Not that this is news to anyone, but it does cast some doubt on the efficacy of at-home plans.

You'll Love These Reality Star Exercise DVDs - Two Little Fleas

We showed you the ways , but what about those icons of the small screen: reality stars? Well, wonder no more, as we take you through the exciting world of reality star exercise DVDs.