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Jillian Michaels: For Beginners (Frontside/ Backside Combo)

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    Which is why if you are really determined to try the Zumba fitness routine, then the best Zumba exercise DVD for beginners is the which is the officially released DVD set by Alberto Perez, the one that invented this dance routine.

  • As of writing this article, there are literally hundreds of non-official Zumba exercise DVD for beginners in the internet as well as hundreds of videos aimed for beginners. But for Zumba beginners, this can be overwhelming as hundreds of Zumba instructors on these videos creates their own routines as well as adding their very own steps on these routines. This means that for every Zumba workout for beginners video you see in the web, you will need to learn a certain step that you can only use in that video and not with the others videos you would see. This can be confusing and overwhelming for beginners as well as not the right way to use this dance workout routine.

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