How to Exercise with Disabled or Weak Legs ..

Swimming is the best exercise for disabled people

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  • If you are a fitness professional, there is a lot that you can do in removing barriers between exercise and disabled individuals. You may consult various sources for a fitness equipment for a disabled people regimen that is accessible to everybody, such as the Exercise Management for People with Chronic Diseases and Disabilities, which is a book from the American College of Sports Medicine. Asking disabled persons about their particular needs and expectations is well recommended by many.

    If you are a disabled person and wants to be more fit physically, you should first talk with your doctor or physical therapist about your particular capabilities, limitations and exercise interests. It does not have to be a strenuous activity to benefit from it. It could be wheeling or walking for 30 minutes or doing household chores for half an hour. If you like to participate in athletics, you may talk with a group such as Disabled Sports USA. For practical tips on exercise for disabled people, there are a lot of sources that you can tap on the internet.

  • People who have some form of disability have very wide-ranging physical capacities and individual preferences that there is no exercise for disabled people that fits all. However, it is vital that exercise be addressed from cross disability perspective. The Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention stated that adults all over the disability spectrum have the tendency to be more sedentary physically than non-disabled individuals, in spite of the fact that exercise would be greatly beneficial to both groups. Many causes and solutions to the physical inactivity issue are applicable to people with various kinds of impairments.

    Dom Thorpe is a personal trainer who specialises in working with disabled people to help them get fit and healthy. We’ve asked him to list the top 10 exercises for disabled people with varying abilities, so you can achieve a long term goal to get fitter, or simply keep active.

  • There’s a huge array of exercises for disabled people, and just as many ways to tailor them to fit your needs. For each exercise below, I have listed who they’re suitable for, the method and any modifications.

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