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  • In addition to the considerable health benefits of walking, you'll find that the use of an adjustable-height exercise desk leaves you feeling more energized and focused, so you won't need that mid-afternoon caffeine or sugar boost. Finally, you'll likely notice an improvement in any back, neck, or shoulder pain you may have from all-day sitting. You'll be amazed at how easy it is to feel better in every way just by doing a little light walking.

    offered by The Human Solution help you stay fit, active and energetic while working. Designed to offer a practical fitness solution for anyone — from the home office worker to the cubicle worker and the executive — exercise desks like the UPLIFT Treadmill Desk and the UPLIFT Bike Desk will get you up and moving. Experience the many health benefits of standing, walking, or biking while you work, including increased blood flow, more calories burned, better posture and alertness, and a significant reduction in your risk for serious diseases.

  • The FitDesk Exercise Desk lets you exercise while working or eating, though that would probably make you throw up. The FitDesk Exercise Desk has space for a laptop or book so you can get some work done and burn those much needed calories. It also features a comfortable seat...

    The compact design means that you could take this exercise desk in to your office and exercise as you work. It's also good for home use as it doesn't take up much space.

  • Finding time to exercise is difficult. FitDesk exercise desks are designed to help you be active AND be productive at the same time. Now it’s easy to add fitness to everyday.

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Reap both the physical and mental benefits of an exercise desk. Even walking at only 1.0 mph - slow enough to still type or talk on the phone - you will quickly notice an increase in focus and energy. With the UPLIFT 900 desk's height adjustablitity range and sit-to-stand capabilities, you can go from sitting to standing to walking in just a few seconds. Don't go to the gym after work; save time and increase productivity by exercising work with the UPLIFT Treadmill Desk.