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Marcy Recumbent Mag Cycle

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  • Cleveland Clinic Study –
    Forced Exercise with Theracycle Parkinson’s Disease Bikes:

    An ongoing study where patients ride the Theracycle Motorized Exercise Bicycle for …

    The quieter the better when it comes to an exercise bike, especially one you will be using in your home, not just for your own convenience but for everyone around you. A noisy exercise cycle will quickly drive you to distraction, get in the way of listening to music, watching TV, reading or whatever else you are doing to pass the time whilst exercising. You might not be able to tell in the shop quite how loud you prospective choice is either so look around online for some reviews. Amazon is a great place to find lots of real user opinions on things like this.

  • The Exercycle Company Awarded NIH SBIR Grant to Enhance Theracycle Exercise Bicycle for New Parkinson's Disease Therapy Using Forced Exercise

    Classic Ajay exercise cycles are a great way to stay active and get cardiovascular exercise into your life wherever you are. Plant the cycle by a window to enjoy the view, or work out while watching your favorite TV show in the comfort of your own home with these stationary bikes. These can be personalized to your individual tastes to get the best workout possible.

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  • An exercise cycle works similar muscle groups, but there are different benefits to working out on each kind of bike. A recumbent design is easier on the back, providing support with a full seat while also freeing up the arms to allow for simultaneous weight training with accessories like . An upright model and a spinning cycle allows you to work with different leg muscle groups and distribute weight differently while pedaling.

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Also, consider what physical limitations and goals you have in choosing your exercise equipment. For example, anyone with lower back issues is much better suited to a recumbent exercise bike as these offer lower lumbar support whereas an upright exercise cycle does not.