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SPRI Xertube (Red, Medium)

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  • The present invention is a wall mount for use with exercise cords. It is a system that includes the wall mount, the exercise cords and the hardware for attaching the exercise cord to the wall mount.

    The term exercise cord is intended to include any flexible, resilient device with a major dimension much longer than its minor dimension and that increases resistance the farther it is stretched (up to its elastic limit). Exercise cords include tubes, cylinders and flat straps that are made of rubber, whether synthetic or natural, or other rubber-like material. The preferred prior art exercise cords are in the form of bungee cords with handles affixed to each end. They are available with different resistances to stretching and are often color coded to indicate the particular resistance level of each cord. Other types of exercise cords are commonly called rubber tubes.

  • Another important feature of the present invention is the spring clips that are used for attaching the exercise cords. The central curves of these spring clips protrude from the rear of the mount and brace against the rear side of the wall mount when the exercise cord is pulled.

    Exercise resistance cords are a low-cost alternative to hand weights or fancy weight machines. I love using a resistance band or cord for my upper body workouts.

  • Wall mount 10 is attached to wall 12 using securements appropriate for the type of wall structure, material and the level of force the user expects to exert on exercise cords 20. Many schools, for example, use cinderblock or other masonry for interior and exterior support walls in gyms and in hallways. Therefore using bolts 34 and expansion bolts 44, as shown, or Molly bolts or other bolts that, when installed, apply an additional force against the direction of pull are preferred, whether that is by use of expansion bolts 44 that have teeth or increased frictional forces by exerting a greater normal force on masonry 46, or, for walls that have support studs should be used. Most preferably, the securement should provide additional security against coming loose from wall 12 than the threads of screws.

SPRI Quick Select Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cords

According to its major aspects and briefly recited, the present invention is a wall mount for exercise cords. The wall mount has a first side that is secured to the wall and provides spring clips at multiple elevations, each spring clip having a central curved portion that extends through a slot formed in the wall mount from the first side to an opposing second side for providing a site for the attachment of an exercise cord. The first side is anchored to a wall using expansion bolts or other material specific securement that provides proper anchoring. The cords may be quickly and easily attached and reattaached to the spring clips using caribiners. A large number of exercises can thus be done using exercise cords at different elevations. The cords come in various resistances to stretching so that smaller children or those who are deconditioned can use cords with less resistance and larger children or those with greater physical capacity can use cords with increased resistance.