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Maxi Climber Vertical Climber

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  • “This Tutorial will teach you the Best Beginner Exercises for Climbing Specific Core and Upper Body Training on the Rings (often referred to as TRX). The Rings are particularly suitable for this kind of training because in contrast to other devices such as the Pull up Bar, which has a very static character, the Rings are hanging free. This results in a lot of undesired motion while executing the exercises, which has to be outbalanced by the athlete. Even the tiniest Core and Upper Body Muscles are activated while attempting to attenuate the typical shakyness, which would stay untouched otherwise.” – EpicTV

    Since we no longer perform many of the tasks that require coordination between different muscle groups, our coordination and reaction abilities have been reduced. In functional fitness, an exercise like climbing stairs, performing deadlifts in rotation, or any movements that require arm and leg work simultaneously will improve coordination and allow the nervous system to deliver movement inducing neurons to the muscles quicker.

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