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  • Body Ball Exercise Charts provide clear step-by-step instructions and feature descriptive photos of exercises using a stability ball. Core chart shows 15 ball exercises for working the abs and lower back and for improving strength and balance. Stability ball exercises for the core are featured as well. The charts are laminated for easy cleaning, and they are in color for clear visibility inside your facility.

    Body balls are an excellent addition to any workout to help improve muscle tone and coordination, particularly in the core. The Power Systems body ball exercise chart presents clear instructions and illustrations to help your clients and students make the most of fitness ball exercises in their workouts. Core ball exercises on the chart can be used with Pilates or yoga exercise programs and is an excellent adjunct to physical therapy and rehabilitation.

  • The above documents are not the only types of exercise charts that you may find useful. Check out the following resources for options specific to children and specialized adult workouts.

    Blank exercise charts are useful tools for any exercise regimen. They allow for customization and help you to hold yourself accountable, which are both keys to coming up with - and sticking to - an effective exercise program.

    Body Ball Exercise Chart - Upper/Lower Body
    VersaBall PRO Stability Ball
    Resistance Tube Training Poster

  • Body Ball Exercise Chart - Upper/Lower Body
    VersaBall PRO Stability Ball
    Resistance Tube Training Poster

    Mix It Up: Nobody wants to do the same thing day after day. Using an exercise chart, like the options available from , which allows kids to plan out their fitness activities for the week. Make sure to include a variety, not only for fun but to strengthen all bones and muscles.

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For you see, I have always believed the most simplistic of ideas are always the best. The same is true with fitness tools. I designed my aquatic balance ball to be the best of the best, offering the greatest value in functionality. To prove my design, to test my invention, I took my swim board to the aquatic fitness industry. And what happened? Besides the economy hitting, my ergonomic swim board was only fully understood by a rare few. For you see, instruction in fitness is everything. And this brings me back to the need for exercise charts - exercise charts, I believe are mission critical.