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Gaiam Balance Ball Chair, Black

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  • There have been some grumblings that the company itself isn’t easy to contact and they are slow at filling orders. On the other hand, the vast majority of people who purchase through Amazon are very happy with the quality and delivery time of their new exercise chair. It has also been recommended to buy using for additional bonus’s.

    Jeremy Vigneault, a physical therapist at the Nayden Rehabilitation Clinic at the University of Connecticut, told me that "there is really nothing overly good nor bad per say about the exercise ball chair," noting that this type of setup doesn't offer any lumbar (lower back) support and it does take practice to maintain a good sitting posture on it. He pointed out that most chairs, of any kind, try to exploit posture and back health as their key selling points, when really the perfect chair doesn't exist—it's more about practicing "good posture."

  • After a couple more days of this, you may find yourself sitting on the exercise ball chair for much longer periods of time. (A week later, I spend the majority of my day on the exercise ball chair, but still take lots of breaks and occasionally switch back to the old chair.)

    This exercise chair is great for people who work sedentary jobs and want to have easy access to exercises, seniors who need to gain strength, or persons generally seeking more movement, flexibility, or weight loss.

    The Chair Gym is very similar to the Resistance Chair Exercise System except it’s around half the price.

  • Besides being much cheaper than buying a new desk or a more expensive chair, the exercise ball chair promised to allow me to work in some abdominal exercise throughout the day and possibly improve my years-of-working-slumped-at-a-desk posture.

You don't need expensive exercise equipment to get in shape

If you don’t want to give up your current office chair or have to bring out an exercise chair every time you want to work your arms, BUT still want the benefits of a resistance exercise system for your chair – another excellent alternative is .