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Rep 3 in 1 Wood Plyometric Box for CrossFit and Conditioning 24/20/16

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  • How do we develop the ability to look at things differently??
    Thinking outside the box should start well before we’re “boxed in”. That is, before we confront a unique situation or problem and start forcing it into the familiar “exercise box”.

    TRY TO STAY OUT OF THE EXERCISE BOX and have fun teaching skills/tricks, mixing things up, keeping your dog constantly thinking about what will happen next.

  • The exercise box creates a dog that:
    • May lose drive, attitude, and focus because he is not having fun.
    • May become bored because he does the exact same thing over and over again.
    • May do a particular skill just fabulous but does not receive any reinforcement until later in the exercise or the end of the exercise.

    Train individual skills before integrating skills into Exercises
    Periodically , we get into what is called ‘the exercise box’. We want to train the exercises that are required when we enter the ring. In obedience that would be things like the Heeling on Leash, Figure-8, Recalls, etc. In Rally, people want to run COURSES rather than work on the various skills needed to perform each sign. In Agility, people also want to run COURSES and/or long sequences rather than working on independent skills such as pinwheels, serpentines, weave poles, etc.

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