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  • Exercise BLACK BLADE is hosted by Belgium at Florennes airbase and takes place from the 14th of November to the 2nd of December. Over 400 personnel will take part in this exercise, with a total of 14 air assets from 4 Member States being deployed. This edition marks the 10th helicopter exercise under the umbrella of the EDA Helicopter Exercise Programme (HEP).

    The 10th edition of the Helicopter Training Exercise Programme, comes at a moment when European defence is high on the political agenda. The 10th edition is a milestone for this programme, the EDA and the Member States involved. Exercise BLACK BLADE is European defence cooperation in action. It represents a dynamic and tangible example of what cooperation among the Member States can achieve. It also highlights the importance of joint training as a prerequisite to enhance interoperability and a key enabler to ensure readiness to deploy. A positive step forward for European defence”.

  • Exercise Italian Blade 15 was designed to expose helicopter crews to the training methodology and tactical knowledge of other NATO Member States. The exercise fosters common understanding and helps build trust amongst the European military helicopter community, which is key to the success of future multinational operations.

    The Italian (Army Aviation Command) hosted a media day on June 29 during the course of the multinational helicopter exercise Italian Blade 2015, which was held in Viterbo from 22 June to 3 July. Organised by the Aviazione dell’Esercito, Italian Blade 2015 (IB15) was this year's large scale exercise in the framework of the Helicopter Exercise Programme (HEP). The Exercise Programme is part of the efforts by theEuropean Defence Agency (EDA) to further increase the level of tactical training and cooperation of European military helicopter crews. Additionally, the EDA also established the Helicopter Tactics Course (HTC) and the Helicopter Tactics Instructor Course (HTIC).

  • Exercise Italian Blade 2015 was designed to allow European helicopter crews to train together by adopting joint procedures and operating as a joint/combined Task Force in crisis response operations simulating a challenging, realistic and dynamic scenario.

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The Bodyblade Exerciser is ideal for improving strength, balance, coordination, posture and core stabilization. This Bodyblade Exerciser provides a portable, compact and flexible conditioning and training solution for the arms and upper body. This Flexible Exercise Blade is an easy to use, lightweight exerciser available with various resistance levels. The Bodyblade is ideal for health clubs, physical therapy clinics, or any facility demanding low-impact upper body conditioning. Bodyblade Flexible Exercise Bar are proudly made in the USA.