The Right Exercise Bike Can Make a Significant Difference

about the exercise bike you purchased online or used at the gym.

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Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Bike with Pulse

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  • In order to understand the product design behind this exercise bike, a thorough analysis was required. Our analysis includes which stakeholders are involved, how the product functions and is used, and a comprehensive product dissection. This is followed by a study of how the bike was designed for manufacturing and assembly, while considering the design's overall environmental impact. Finally, an analysis of the bike's possible areas of failure included a detailed mechanical analysis of inertial effects of the flywheel.

    Also, consider what physical limitations and goals you have in choosing your exercise equipment. For example, anyone with lower back issues is much better suited to a recumbent exercise bike as these offer lower lumbar support whereas an upright exercise cycle does not.

  • This step is going to be one that you’ve heard a million times before, but that is more true than ever. You’re going to need to stretch before you do any cardio, even on an exercise bike. But not just any stretching! Lots of studies have shown that static stretching just doesn’t work and can sometimes actually hurt your workouts. Try out routines before you hit the bike to make sure your body is ready for the tough workout you’re about to do!

    By now, we’ve all heard that planks, crunches, and other abdominal exercises will not get us that six-pack we so desperately want without the help of to supplement it. Without running, biking, swimming, or whatever exercise you choose to do, your six-pack is going to keep being covered in that layer of fat you despise so much. Through this article, you’ll learn how exactly you can start burning your belly fat with something as simple as an exercise bike. Afterwards, head on over to and check out what they have to offer in the exercise bike world!


    Reebok One GSB Exercise Bike

    The Reebok One GSB exercise bike provides an excellent low-impact and efficient way to get fit with smooth cycling motion ensured by the more than ample 18kg (40lbs) flywheel. The 32 levels of electronic resistance help you find the best intensity fo

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    Reebok One GB40 Exercise Bike

    The Reebok One GB40 exercise bike combines great workout potential with excellent value and has a 6kg (13.2lbs) flywheel that ensures smoother cycling action so you enjoy your sessions more. With 8 levels of manual resistance you can work and train y

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    Reebok One GB50 Exercise Bike

    The Reebok One GB50 exercise bike is a great option when looking for a functional indoor cycle on which to challenge yourself. With a heavy 9kg (20lbs) flywheel, motion is smooth and fluid so you can push yourself using the 32 levels of electronic co

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  • Type: Programmable Exercise Bike
    Resistance Type: Silent Magnetic Resistance
    Resistance Level: 10 Levels of Resistance
    Exercise Programs: 10 Pre-Programmed Workouts
    Exercise Monitor: iFit SD Card Reader. MP3 Compatible.
    Max User Weight: 113 KG or 17.5 Stone
    Assembled Dimensions: 143cm H x 58cm W x 83cm L

    Mini exercise bikes are your go to gadgets for working out while working! They consist of just pedals that you can discreetly place under your table and spine while crunching out numbers on your computer!

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Choosing a right exercise bike is no easy task, mind you, and there are many things you should consider before committing to a machine that you will use day-in-day out. In fact, choosing a wrong exercise bike can likely lead to you not using it at all, making the entire purchase an exercise in futility so to speak. You have to consider a variety of things and types themselves are numerous! Best spin bikes, best personal trainers, best exercise bike... they are all covered here in our reviews! Keep in mind that the main thing here is to choose a bike that is comfortable, and it's our mission to help you do just that! If you are comfortable while exercising chances are you will use your machine that much more. Here are some of the things you should pay attention to when buying an exercise bike (we touch upon many more things in our exercise bike reviews so make sure to take a look at those):​