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  • Welcome to another Cycle Scenery indoor exercise bike workout video! To learn more about Cycle Scenery, please visit . Cycle Scenery has been created to provide cyclists with cycling videos for their indoor exercise bikes. The videos feature high-definition cycling footage. As the terrain and/or speed changes, the riders know to pedal faster, pedal slower and/or increase resistance. I created these videos to use for my own indoor exercise bike workouts and decided to share with the world! The best part about this system is that it is bring-your-own-bike. Whether it's an inexpensive spin bike or a road or mountain bike attached to a trainer, all will work the same. The only requirements are a television or tablet in front of the exercise bike that is capable of streaming YouTube videos. Thanks for watching and please subscribe to Cycle Scenery () to be alerted as new cycling videos are uploaded. Please Cycle Scenery with others! I strongly believe that it should function as an entertaining and motivational tool for all cyclists!

    Contain royalty-free music from YouTube Creation Tools Audio Library and royalty-free music that I created within Apple Garageband.

    Exercise bikes with video screen present vital exercise data including time spent exercising, calories burned and heart rate. Exercise bikes with video screen may also feature built-in games as well as display data related to the iPod/mp3 (if applicable). Most exercise bikes with video screen feature LCD or LED display...

  • Distractions, distractions, distractions. Among one of the most popular excuses for avoiding readily exercise is that people are just too busy. Plus, it’s not exactly like working out is an enjoyable or entertaining experience, right? Consequently, exercise equipment manufactures over the past several years have made it a priority to make trainers more personable and enjoyable. Among their achievements? Exercise bikes with video screen.

    The Vescape Exercise Bike App for Android and iOS offers workout routines and video games.
    Get entertained and challenged with interactive Exercise Bike Video Games for your iPad, Tablet or smartphone!

  • In an ever-increasing multi-tasking world, exercise bikes with video screen allow you to exercise while A) using the video screen as a distraction or B) using the video screen as a supplement to your workout. While some trainers are equipped with built-in games and/or work with the iPod dock to display music info on the screen, the vast majority of exercise bikes with video screens are actually designed to provide vital exercise data. The readouts may include everything from your heart rate and time spent exercising to motivating messages and calories burned.

Cyber ExerCycle: Interactive Exercise Bike Kit

Exercise bikes with video screen traditionally feature LCD or LED display. You may have heard the terms before, but what exactly do they mean and which one is better?