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Which Exercise Bike Programmes To Use For Your Goals

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  • Intense effort given for eight seconds followed by recovery and low intensity effort for 12 seconds. Simply repeat this formula immediately, over and over, throughout a 20-minute period. Depending on current fitness levels, you might have to increase recovery times later on in the workout. Also, only attempt this exercise bike program every second day, as a higher frequency will only lead to your exhaustion.

    Another advanced exercise bike program interval workout increases the intervals from 8 to 20 seconds, with 45 seconds of recovery given between each effort. After a two-minute recovery period given at the end of the routine, it’s repeated three more times:

  • In fact, the University of New South Wales developed a routine that burns 3 times the fat compared to some aerobic methods. After a through warm up, proceed to follow the exercise bike program for 20 minutes:

    One solution is to follow a good exercise bike workout program, one that will challenge you and work your heart and lungs. If you are not using the pre-set programs on your display console, you should be.

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  • Another exercise bike program is the interval-training workout. Studies show that this method accelerates weight loss and requires less time to accomplish. This method involves alternating intense bursts of exercise with low intensity recovery periods. As a result, the total amount of fat burned increases, as the burning process continues even after the interval training is over.

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Low intensity cardio, also known as the aerobic exercise bike program, focuses on increasing fitness while you burn fat. Simply exercise for twenty to thirty minutes at around 65 percent of your maximum heart rate. Exercising at 65 percent for thirty minutes burns around 300 calories. Conclude by warming down for ten minutes.