DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser, White

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Sunlite Flat Form Excerciser Pedals, 1/2"

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  • Furthermore, if you are the type of person who does not want to exercise alone outside, then bike pedals will let you do your exercise inside the comfort of your house. Having enough space for a bike and a stand in your room will allow you to do some work out in the confines of your room.
    Others do not like the idea of pedaling on a stationary bicycle because it seems boring for them. However, having it inside your house could make things look different. Take home works are tiring and stressful and a 20-minute break on the exercise bike pedals could already do many wonders to your mood and health.

    In addition, exercise bike pedals are good for people who have difficulty in walking to maintain their physique. You may be suffering from pains at your feet area making the impacts of jogging or even walking painful for you.

  • First you would need to know that the exercise bike pedals were really 1/2". Take one pedal out and take it to any bike shop and they will be able to tell.

    Today, with treadmills, jogging is possible without leaving the confines of your home. Moreover, treadmills are not the only option available if you wanted to have a workout but do not have enough time to consider into your busy schedule a regular routine at the gym every week. Exercise bike pedals is another great choice for people who wanted to exercise but do not have the luxury to go out.

    Alloy Exercise Bike Pedal WPD-E14
    Body:Aluminum barrel silver with kraton top

    98A compatible

    Size:109 * 157 * 34.8 [mm]
    Weight:866 g/pr
    OptionW/O QBS or toe clip strap as E-14
     Sealed bearing version as WPD-E14B
    Exercise Bike Pedal Reflector:BS/AS/CPSC/JIS
    Exercise Bike Pedal Packing:OE Packing,polybag for each, 30pairs Each carton. 
    Key Point:Original Wellgo
    MOQ:  1 carton/cartons
    Delivery Period:3-45 days after the order confirmed 

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