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Marcy Flat Utility Weight Bench, Black

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  • Purchasing an exercise bench for your home is a great way to get regular full body work outs without the expense of a home gym or health club membership.

    Many people wish to purchase an exercise bench as a cost effective way of working out, but when they start shopping and seeing all of the options they begin to wonder how do you buy an exercise bench?

  • Introducing the core piece of equipment behind any personal gym, the Life Fitness adjustable bench, covering every function that an exercise bench needs to offer. The Life Fitness adjustable bench allows 6 intuitive adjustments such as vertical, incline and flat, while the design also incorporates a top end handle and wheel system for mobility.The Life Fitness adjustable bench also has a fixed lumbar support increasing both stability and comfort. This is the bench that is supplied with the G5 and G7 multigyms. It is now available on its own and it is the best value bench that we sell! As you would expect from Life Fitness, this is a high quality, durable, multi-angle bench that is suitable for home and light commercial use.

    For home use, one of the more sought-after models is a folding exercise bench. It is ideal for homes that do not have separate or exclusive space for gym activities. Therefore, after the fitness session is over, the user can fold away the equipment and secure it in a small corner of the room. Therefore, the space remains free for other purposes. There are also incline/decline benches that enable the user to perform both inclining and declining exercises to achieve all round results and an overall great body shape. If the user is keen on developing muscular abs and a strong abdominal area, a slant bench may be more suited for his needs. This model has the versatility to allow the user to perform a number of different workouts because the equipment can be customized to flat, decline or incline positions conveniently.

  • There are several types of exercise benches you need to be aware of from the very simple to the very complex. The first type is a simple flat bench. This type is good for beginners but may not have enough features for you if you are more advanced in your . You can get a basic overall workout with these using dumbbells or slide the bench under a weight rack for barbell lifting.

Deltech Exercise Bench - Flat to Incline Weight Bench

Muscle strength drops during spaceflight and researchers need to know why this happens in order to prepare for long missions and safe space tourism. MARES is an exercise bench that offers detailed information about how muscles behave in space.