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Exercises for bad knees. lol. That's ME!

Knee Exercise Fitness DVD for Knee Pain Relief Developed by Registered Physical Therapist to Strengthen Muscles Around Knee Joint and Help Delay or Avoid Need For Surgery.

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  • To strengthen your knees, you must keep your quad and hamstring muscles strong. There are several quad exercises for bad knees that you can do for this purpose.

    This multi-joint exercise will build power in your leg muscles and is a good, muscle strengthening exercise for bad knees. It targets not only your quads but also glutes and hamstring muscles.

  • This is an excellent exercise for bad knees and if you can do it standing up, it will not only strengthen your muscle but also improve stability and balance.

    The quads help control the speed of movement when you extend and flex your knees. Short arcs are quad exercises for bad knees which strengthen the quad muscles without much knee movement.

  • Another recommended exercise for bad knees is the isometric quad exercise which focuses on strengthening the muscle while it’s in a static position.

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Walking is a good exercise for bad knees. Swimming (apart from the breast stroke) and bicycling are also good, as they aren’t too strenuous or high-impact.