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Shazzy Fitness: In The Beginning

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  • Keeping fit and enjoying the great outdoors isn’t just a fad anymore – it’s a passion. Enjoying sports that you participate in – plus exercise and fitness pursuits – have produced thriving businesses ready to meet the needs of every outdoor and fitness enthusiast.

    As feminists, we are responsible for engineering a new way of thinking, so that exercise and fitness and health can fit into all of our intersectionalities. We need to reconsider own versions of what a healthy body looks like and make sure that our definitions include women of color, women of varying abilities, and the many gender expressions that exist in the world. We need to promote body-positive fitness inspiration always. We need to break out of the vicious cycle of self-hate and -criticism and start being generous and loving with the way we view all women's bodies—even, and especially, our own.

  • If you’re gift-shopping for someone this year who has a passion for fitness and sports, it will be easier than ever to find just the right gift. Check out items for exercise and fitness that includes everything from under-the-desk elliptical items to glam Yoga mats.

    This Sports and Outdoor Gift Guide will help you find just the right gift for your sports and fitness enthusiast. Beginning with exercise and fitness, then moving on to hunting and fishing, team sports, camping and hiking and cycling – let’s cover all options.

  • Your holiday gift-giving budget can easily accommodate many of the exercise and fitness items you might choose. For example, the new, (Standard or Tall Boy) cleverly incorporates the exercise ball and a chair so you can get the same flexibility and balance of the single ball plus the advantage of sitting up straight in a chair.

Exercise & Fitness: Exercise And Fitness

Exercise and fitness clothing have also become an integral part of gift-giving this year. Fun and comfortable exercise gear can be found online in abundance and in almost any size and color.