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Strength Training Anatomy, 3rd Edition

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  • Your first session with Gurig will be a By the end of this session you should correctly use the three planes of reference and anatomical position to describe the body position your client should assume during fitness testing and exercise. You'll learn to identify and distinguish between the different spatial positions of body limbs. An understanding of fundamental movements is essential when designing and modifying exercise prescriptions. We'll spend some time learning to identify the three pairs of fundamental movements and applying these to simple movements. Armed with the basic terms and concepts associated with exercise anatomy, you'll be ready to learn about the function and structure of the body's bones, joints, muscle, and nerves. Gurig introduces you to a group of virtual clients. These clients will help you to understand the concepts and principles of exercise anatomy.

    Exercise Physiology and Biomechanics are important and well-recognised disciplines in Sport and Exercise Science, but ‘The Anatomy of Exercise’ (or ‘Exercise Anatomy’) is not a term that is commonly used. Thus, what the organizers sought to do in arranging this symposium was to bring together a series of speakers of international renown, who could highlight the important contribution that modern Anatomy makes to exercise science, sports science and sports medicine. The focus was largely on the musculoskeletal system and the coverage extended from the early development of joints to the motor control of hand movements in musicians.

  • You'll be working as a personal trainer at a university fitness center throughoutthis online course. Gurig Kumar, the director of the fitness center, will introduceyou to clients who will help you apply your exercise anatomy knowledge. Gurigwill also help you evaluate your new knowledge and skills. The prerequisite knowledgeand skills that you should have before beginning this course are a good understandingof exercise, fitness, or sport and an interest in designing muscular fitnessexercise prescriptions.

    Exercise anatomy helps us to understand how the body's structures interact to cause movement and how these respond and adapt to exercise training. The course focuses on the three main structural and functional systems of the body essential to movement:

  • This interactive course is designed to help you build your knowledge of exercise anatomy. Your understanding of exercise anatomy will help you create and modify exercise programs designed to enhance your client's physical fitness or sport performance or to help a client rehabilitate after an injury or surgery.

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What is the best Strength Training Exercise anatomy book that shows pictures of many different exercises, describes how to perform them and the muscle involved.