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  • Bodyweight training requires no fancy, expensive equipment, and is merely done using your own body weight. The ACSM’s worldwide survey of fitness trends for 2015 has listed squats, lunges, push-ups, burpees and planks as the number one exercises for 2015. But just because no machines, dumbbells or weights are required does not mean it’s easy. Things will have to get much more intense and it’ll get people almost zero reasons to make excuses. Do it at the gym, your hotel room, living area or the secret room in the office where no one goes — a full-body workout is on-the-go with you.

    The WRHSAC Anti-Terrorism Exercise Series 2015 will bring together the four counties of western Massachusetts to improve preparedness for and response to a terrorist threat. Four tabletop exercises will be held, one in each county. Save the date for your county:

  • 3. Educated and experienced fitness professionals: Exercising under the supervision of a certified professional remains important to many exercisers in 2015, and the industry continues to grow, with more people entering the fitness field and becoming accredited to coach and instruct others. Thinking about getting a certification? Find out .

    In 2013 a number of protesters ventured into the live fire zone of the Shoalwater Bay Training Area. More protestors have pledged to disrupt the exercises in 2015.

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