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  • Compact and easy to use, the Farma Bike Two Electric Pedal Exerciser is perfect for rehabilitation of muscles and joints after illness or immobility, increasing the speed of recovery and enhancing health. Farma Bike Two is your perfect home gym that helps you achieve greater levels of activities at home, helping you to attain strong muscles and flexible joints and boost your blood circulation.

    New Age Farma Bike Two exercises your legs and arms simultaneously! New Age Farma Bike B-2 is a unique dual electric pedal exerciser designed to deliver passive and active motion for low-stress workouts of upper and lower limbs. Farma Bike Two helps to keep your joints strong and flexible and facilitates complete functional arm and leg recoveries. Effective for strengthening muscles and joints on arms and legs, the Farma Bike Two helps you to keep active, fit and healthy as the exercise relieves muscular tension, improves joint mobility, increases blood flow, enhances cardiovascular performance and resistance and improves metabolism and burns calories. Just 10 - 20 minutes of exercise daily can improve your health!

  • Inmates in a small prison in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais are being offered the chance to reduce their jail terms in return for generating electricity by pedalling on exercise bicycles.

    With this in mind, there is provided in accordance with the invention an electric passive pedal exerciser consisting of a lightweight frame having a handle mounted to it, a crank assembly including bearings and rotatable shaft with opposed arm and pedals similar to the crank assembly of that of a bicycle. The crank assembly has a gear firmly attached to the shaft which is driven by a gear attached to the shaft of an electric motor. The gear rotor is selected so that the crank assembly will turn with suffecient speed to provide exercise to the user but will not be so fast as to injure the user or so slow as to be ineffective. The electric motor speed is controlled by a slide rheostat allowing the user to vary the speed of the rotation of the pedals to provide the desired exercise.

  • Farma Bike Two Electric Pedal Exerciser supports comfortable low impact passive exercise of arms and legs, thus allowing people with painful and disabling conditions to conveniently exercise at home in comfort. It allows users to be in control of exercise intensity and length of exercise sessions. When disconnected from electric power, the Farma Bike Two supports convenient active motion exercising just as when using any standard home exercise machine.

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New Age Farma Bike Two Dual Electric Pedal Exerciser for Arms and Legs helps you rehabilitate your muscles and joints and stay healthy and fit from your chair or wheelchair at home.