Yay! You're now following dual action exercise bike in your .

Yay! You're now following dual action exercise bike in your .

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  • What is a dual action exercise bike? Normally, it refers to a stationary exercise bike which allows you to exercise both your upper body and lower body. The exercises may not happen at the same time since you will lack focus if you do both. But some of these bikes allow you to do it simultaneously. That is not recommended though. These dual action exercise bikes are perfect for elderly people who need to regularly exercise both their upper and lower body. The exercise is not heavy and easy to do. The user will get both aerobic exercise and muscle training especially on the hamstrings and gluteus.

    There are two types of dual action exercise bike. On one hand, you will see a fully equipped exercise bike with the seat and the rotating arm in the front. On the other hand, you have mini-bike which can be placed under your chair and pedal when you sit on the chair. This same mini-bike can be placed on a table and you can use your arm to rotate it to exercise your upper body. We will look into both options so that you can see which one matches your needs the most.

  • Why exercise only the lower body parts since your upper body also needs training? Dual action exercise bikes offer both in the same machines. We have listed out what they are and the types that you can find in the market so that you can know more and decide later if you want to own one.

    I knew that Dual Action Recumbent Exercise Bikes were not all that common but I started to do some research which is what lead me to the Seated Ellipticals. I replied to the email and it turned out that that was exactly what this man and his wife had in mind and he had confirmed that this was what his wife had used at their health club.

  • Dual action exercise bikes are similar to upright bikes but add a set of allowing the user to do arm movements while the pedaling motion works the lower body. This allows for a full body workout since the dynamic movements are working the core muscles and abs as well.

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For those serious about working out and fitness training, dual action exercise bikes offer some distinct advantages over some other forms of cardio workout machines. With a dual action bike, your entire body is engaged in the exercise, as opposed to most stationary bikes which only engage the legs. This gives you additional exercise for the upper body, but it also offers a more intense cardio workout because more muscles are engaged and your heart must be more active to support the motion. Some of these dual action bikes are fan style. The fan offers resistance against the pedals and provides a measure of cooling for the rider, as well. Options for the type of exercise bike you choose include upright bikes, spin bikes, recumbent bikes and bike stands that allow you to convert your ordinary outdoor bike to a stationary bike for training indoors.