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You Can Draw in 30 Days: The Fun, Easy Way to Learn to Draw in One Month or Less

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  • Use these fun warm ups to help pupils improve observational drawing through close observation of their subject matter. UPDATED: I have made a SMARTboard version of the drawing exercises as I find it more convenient with the timers and have made an accompanying worksheet for pupils to do their drawing exercises on.

    The astonishing attention to detail Leonardo possessed wasn’t a gift from God, rather a skill cultivated by drawing exercises just like this one found in a note he left himself:

  • Wire Sculpture Line Drawing Exercise: This is an excellent activity for middle school students and for high school students, if it relates specifically to your project (and does not interfere with postage requirements, for those who need to post work away for assessment). Small wire experiments, using light-weight wire, can also be mounted to sketchbook pages.

    Here are some helpful drawing exercises to start you off. That is, it is imperative that you have a good grasp of basic drawing skills to be a successful artist as these drawing tips are very useful regardless of medium.

  • Playing perspective games is an incredible drawing exercise. I have modified Leonardo’s approach into something slightly more practical but no less testing:

Autocad Isometric Drawing Exercises Pictures

you should be doing most of these drawing exercises vertically if you have an easel or drawing horse. Drawing vertically is a great way to loosen up your line. Focus on drawing with your entire arm and not just your hand. Drawing this way will also allow you to get your line recorded faster. Remember, focus on looking at what you are drawing as much as the drawing itself and do not stop moving your hand when you look up.