Door knob exerciser provides a quick and easy workout in any room

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  • TAG : Hook the connector of a door knob exerciser to the door knob.
  • Not all exercise equipment is expensive, takes up a lot of room, or requires reading a lengthy technical manual before starting a workout. Sometimes effective equipment can be something small and simple, like a rope. Attaching a rope to a door knob opens a whole slew of exercises for the arms that normally take a home gym to complete. Adding a set of pulleys to the rope increases your door knob rope exercises to include working the legs.

    Experience coordinating the inner imagining with the outer rhythms of your body using the exerciser.
    Pilates Door Knob Rope Exerciser

  • A doorknob rope allows you to exercise at home or at the office, providing you have a doorknob with some floor space nearby. Although doorknob exercisers may vary, according to manufacturers, they generally have handles on the ends of ropes that go through pulley systems, allowing you to use the resistance of your legs and arms against each other to increase the difficulty of the movements.

    Hook the connector of a door knob exerciser to the door knob. Push the rope buckle toward the knob to secure the exerciser. You will see four ropes, all with stirrups.

    Doorknob Body Exerciser
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Pilates Door Knob Rope Exerciser - $12.95

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