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Walky Dog Plus Hands Free Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash 2015 Newest Model with 550-lbs pull strength Paracord Leash Military Grade

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  • "I just have to sing the praises of this product. I am a 50 year old female who has been sedentary for the past eight years of my life and I smoke. I had given up on ways to exercise our German Shepherd. My 24 year old daughter who is in excellent shape, has taken our Aries out for three-mile runs which doesn't put a dent in the dog's energy. I couldn't run a block at this point in my life. In comes the Walky Dog which I happened upon one day while doing an online search for bicycling with dogs. We had tried to bicycle with our dog just holding his leash and about killed ourselves. We couldn't keep him from running in front of the bike. I hadn't been on a bike in 15 years when we finally got the Walky Dog a few days ago and was scared to death of trying it. Day three of it and we're doing it like a pro. The first time I wobbled all over the place while poor Aries looked at me like what's your problem? He's such a wonderful dog and a good sport. Day three, and I completely have the hang of balancing. If I can do this, anyone can do it. Believe me. Aries loves it and stays right alongside of me and the bike. We had given up on ever getting this poor dog the exercise he needs. Dog parks, for us, have been horrible dangerous places, and we can't run or walk enough to keep Aries happy. The Walky Dog has completely turned our lives around. No kidding."

    You've traveled this route many times. Your footsteps are on automatic pilot and your dog is tired of smelling the same patches of grass. You continue your daily walks sticking as closely to the same path like a beagle honing in on a scent because your dog needs exercise for his health and as an outlet for pent up energy. Walking is what you are supposed to do with a dog, right? Well, yes, but there's a movement afoot that challenges the traditional ideas of what dogs and humans can do together for fun and physical conditioning. So if you and your canine companion are getting a little bored with the same activities day after day, here are some suggestions to shake up your routine.

  • Dog exerciser and dog-powered bicycle in one! This wonderful new dog bicycle attachment is extremely stable and easy to use, and it can even allow your dog to propel you!

    This Bice WalkyDog Dog Bicycle Exerciser is a leash that attaches to a bicycle to take a dog on a walk while bicycling. It is designed to provide control for the user. The leash is made of stainless steel. Its features include a shock-absorbing system and a quick lock and release system to switch the leash from one bike to another.

  • I also tried it with our giant Great Dane this afternoon. I knew he wouldn't go for long, if at all, but thought it wouldn't hurt to give it a shot. To my surprise, he took to it very well and didn't pull at all (a nice break from the pulling with the lab)! He went a few blocks and back and was pretty tired from just that short ride, but it was a great experience and it's fantastic to know I have an easy, safe and enjoyable method of getting the dogs exercised.

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With so many puppies and young dogs needing a constructive outlet for their energy, the question of dog exercise surfaces once again. I’ve been asked numerous times lately to share some of my acceptable alternatives for exercising your dog indoors.