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We've found five cool pieces of dog exercise equipment that will get her back into her ideal weight in no time.

MidWest Foldable Metal Exercise Pen / Pet Playpen

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  • Dogs that are always confined in cage develop sense of mutilation and depression. These then result to health problems such as muscle and bone degeneration because of the lack of blood circulation and imbalance in metabolism due to inactivity, and problems in socialization.

    Exercise as we all know doesn’t just give positive effects to the social aspect of our pets. Regular dog activities such as running or a simple walk at the park increases blood circulation which is good for the heart, bones, and muscles. This lowers the risk of health problems such as dog obesity and other metabolic imbalances. Furthermore, regular exercise for our canine pets increases optimal health.

    A good dog exercise doesn’t need to be strenuous or complicated. You can play fetch in your backyard or do some walking around your neighborhood. These activities don’t just improve your dog’s health but also yours. Constant interaction with your dog also improves your bond.

    Introducing the bird dog exercise, a move that works your core so well that it’s a favorite of both physical therapy and of multiple modes of exercise, including yoga and pilates. But it’s not just your core that gets worked. You’ll also improve:

  • There is no doubt dog exercise is critical to your dog’s mental and physical well being. In fact, lack of exercise is one of the biggest causes of

    The Bird Dog exercise is a classic core exercise that emphasizes lower back strength and balance. If you’ve never done it before, the first few reps make seem awkward and difficult to balance, but once you get the form down, you’ll want to make it a staple in your exercise program.

    If so, it's time for DogOn Fitness, Northern Virginia and Maryland's only daily service devoted exclusively to dog exercise and fitness.

    Does your dog pull on the leash, raid the garbage can, or destroy furniture out of boredom? We can help! Our daily exercise sessions give your dog the mental and physical challenge she craves.

    Claudia with Zoe, Kinnon, Shawnee, Penny, and Cassie  - Herndon, VA

    Our exercise services are perfect for overweight dogs, high-energy dogs, dogs who need more exercise and any dog who wants an active daily walk or run.

    We also offer daily relief walks, puppy visits, vacation visits, boarding, and our signature Family Integration Training (F.I.T.).

    Find out how your dog can benefit from a daily workout with us.


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    For some this exercise may seem intimidating. I remember when I first tried my first classic bird dog exercise I was falling to the right and to the left. It took me a while to be able to do the move without swinging left to right.

Dog Exercise Log: Weekly Program

There are so many wonderful ways to exercise your dog and build a close relationship. Most dogs love being active and doing things with their owners. One of the easiest ways to exercise your pet is to take a walk with her each day. If you walk briskly and go far enough, you and your pet will get a good amount of exercise. If you have a big backyard or good fenced-in area, play an active game of chase and retrieve with a ball or rubber bone, a natural for your breed of dog. You can also teach your dog to catch and return a Frisbee. The amount of chasing, jumping and returning your dog does will be good exercise. Another good way to get your dog exercise is to pick up a competitive sport. Try learning about the sport of agility. Even if you never enter the competitions, you might train your dog in some of the jumps. A long with exercise, you'll forge a stronger bond with you canine.