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  • Theracycle Solution: Getting on and off traditional fitness equipment can be difficult for diabetics with mobility challenges adding to the frustration of recommended diabetes exercise. Theracycle’s step through design and its sturdy construction provides optimal stability so you can use the bike for treatment of your diabetes independently and consistently.

    can be an important motivator, particularly for people over 60, according to Vicki Conn, PhD, the associate dean for research at the University of Missouri in Columbia, Mo., who has studied diabetes and exercise.

    Having a friend call or setting up an exercise "contract" with a buddy may help. "One of the things we found with our meta-analysis is that behavioral strategies work better; that means setting up some sort of stimulus in the environment where you exercise," says Conn.

  • Theracycle Solution: The special Smart Motor is what makes our bikes such effective diabetes exercise equipment. This whisper-quiet motor assists you even start and complete the full pedal loop even when you have problems with your feet and knees. This motorized assistance helps you stick to your diabetic exercise routine.

    Challenge: Limited Mobility

    The Diabetic Athlete’s Handbook, written by Dr. Colberg-Ochs, is another valuable resource. The book describes the latest research on diabetes and exercise, personal experiences of 350 exercisers with T1D or T2D, and diabetes management tips for more than 100 different sports and activities.

    Managing diabetes can be a stressful, time-consuming process. But what happens when you add exercise to the mix?

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    "If somebody with diabetes has nerve damage one thing they need to make sure is that they're not doing exercise that can hurt themselves for instance walking on a treadmill can be dangerous because they can stumble or fall if they lose feeling in their feet."

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    • Diabetes & Fitness: Get Moving!
      Exercise is great for everyone, but if you have diabetes a regular fitness routine can be a true life saver.
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  • Diabetes and exercise go hand in hand. The importance of exercise when you have diabetes cannot be under estimated. But, what are the top diabetes exercise programs? And, how does exercise affect diabetes?

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Living an active lifestyle can seem overwhelming. Often, people think they must join a gym or buy expensive work-out equipment. This is simply not the case. Your diabetes and exercise routine can be done almost anywhere!