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  • Salsa, or the “forbidden dance” is also great for dance exercise as it offers many health benefits including endurance building, weight loss, the release of toxins through sweating, enhanced cholesterol levels, maintenance of high blood pressure, and a reduced heart rate. Salsa, with it’s closer than close dance steps is the basis for “dirty dancing” and we all know how sexual that is.

    Likewise, ballroom dancing for dance exercise renders such advantages as body conditioning, increased stamina, improvement to the circulatory system, and enhanced flexibility. Not to mention that you get to wear those beautiful gowns. Ballroom dancing is considered to be the most elegant form of dance. It requires precision and grace, as well as perfect timing.

  • MUVE is dance exercise for anyone who wants to get in shape right in their own living room. It provides an easy get-away from our busy everyday life and creates quality time using the power of original music and dance. MUVE strengthens muscles and improves flexibility for all your body parts in a natural way. If you want to lose weight, get your heart rate up and improve your overall stamina, MUVE is a great tool to get the job done. .

    There are many different dance forms of dance exercise that offer terrific benefits to your health. However, each dance form possesses different characteristics. Benefits derived from each of these dance forms are also different, and mostly depend upon the duration of the dance, apart from your level of skill.

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A 30 Day Nutrition Guide for Lifetime Success. This is built for dancers and Dance Exercisers with a step-by-step Learning Guide that Builds on Itself, Naturally, without being overwhelming.