To do the Bicycle Crunches Exercise:

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  • When doing the Bicycle Crunches exercise, Marco Borges, Jay-Z and Beyonce personal trainer, has his clients stay in an upright position. Instead of letting your shoulder blades touch the ground each rep, you stay up in a V-shape. This way, your body works your lower abs more.

    If you are having trouble with bicycle crunches, try . When you get a strong core, you can “graduate” to bicycle crunches where you keep both feet off the ground. Here are the health diagnostics for Bicycle Crunches exercise:

  • 1. Simple crunch
    2. Vertical leg crunch
    3. Leg extensions
    4. Plank
    5. Side plank
    6. Bicycle exercise
    7. Scissors kicks
    8. Reach throughs

    If you have never bicycled for exercise before, or haven’t exercised in a few years, this basic cycling workout for beginners will help ease your body back into motion. Bicycling is a great, low-impact way to get your daily dose of cardio, burn calories, and work the largest muscle groups in your body.

  • The good news about our cycling exercise programs and weight training ideas are that regardless of your body shape and size, almost anyone can achieve the benefits.

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