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Critical Thinking: 50 Best Strategies to Think Smart and Clear, Get Logical Thinking, and Improve Your Decision Making Skills (Organize Yourself, Organize ... Self Organization, To Do List Book 18)

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  • Critical thinking exercises are used in education in order to teach students various ways of solving problems and considering all the facts before making a decision. These types of exercises are good for people of all ages, though, because they help to keep the brain sharp and just improve thinking skills overall. There are a number of different types of critical thinking exercises, but usually they involve encouraging an individual to make the conscious effort to alter his or her perspective, take a step back, and think about different ways than usual to solve a problem or figure something out. One common exercise is the presentation of a number of different stories, and then encouraging students to determine which ones are true or false, or fact or fiction, and then explain how they came to their conclusions.

    These true or false critical thinking exercises are a good way to get students to think. In the end, it does not matter as much whether or not they arrived at the correct conclusion, but if they can describe their thought process, and explain how they arrived at their conclusions. This will allow the teacher to see whether the students are settling on the most obvious response, or if they are actually considering all the facts they are given and all possible outcomes.

  • Other critical thinking exercises involve getting students to describe something as if they are seeing it for the first time. For instance, a question might be posed to the student to describe how to get around his or her town in a way that would be helpful for a newcomer. This takes students outside their set thinking patterns, and gives them a new perspective, which is a key aspect of .

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  • Critical thinking is done by humans throughout the day. You might of just started thinking that way when I used the word humans instead of people. Is he or she an alien? I did that to warm you up. All of the questions in our free critical thinking exercises have a numeric answer. This was done so to give you a better chance at answering the questions correctly. Please do not write out the numbers as the game will not recognize these. Self improvement while having fun is part of the mission statement of the Free Thinking Games website. The exercises on this web page will improve your critical thinking skills. You should also try our critical thinking games. They will give you a new perspective on critical thinking. Solid thinking skills are vital to your success in a variety of different areas. Our original critical thinking exercises are great for kids and adults. Children may have a difficult time answering the questions correctly but they will learn a lot. College students always need to brush up on their problem solving abilities. Critical thinking is what college is what college is all about. Critical thinking in hospitals is important. This is why nursing encourages nurses to improve their critical thinking skills.

    Logic puzzles are believed to help prevent memory loss and memory decline, as well. Popular logic puzzles include crossword puzzles, Sudoku, Pic-a-Pix and Hitori. Furthermore, the gains you receive from playing a logic puzzle can translate into your home and work life because these critical thinking exercises help you to tackle new ways of solving problems.

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Evidence answers the question, “How do you know?”, and that’s a question that a critical thinker always wants answered. Is there any evidence to support the speaker’s opinion? Is the evidence complete? Is it believable? With any information you get from any source, it’s a great critical thinking exercise to ask how the speaker knows what he is saying is true – and keep asking it, even when you get your first answer.