If your want to do my other Creative Exercises, Here they are:

Here is the 4th Creative Exercise in the series. Print out and complete:

Creative Workshop: 80 Challenges to Sharpen Your Design Skills

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  • I love doodle exercises and lately I’m seeing a ton of books full of these creativity exercises, but I often find they’re a little too “filled in” for me. Perhaps some folks like having this additional creativity help, but I feel like it squashes my creativity when the exercise pages are too complete or when I’m given too many instruction. Give me some guidelines, some suggestions, and then let me go off on my own to play and experiment.

    English Class fourth graders have been busy preparing themselves for the presentation of their Pippi Longstocking plays for their families next Tuesday by participating in all kinds of creative dramatic exercises. One of the goals was for children to learn to let go and participate in the activities wholeheartedly, without inhibitions. In the first exercise the classroom was darkened and pupils were encouraged to move with the music they heard. As the children gained confidence, Ms. Kati lightened the classroom until all the lights were turned back on.

  • Here is the 4th creative exercise in this 5-part series, shown below. The inspiration is “Blue Dog” series of art by . Here is an example of his fabulous work:

    We’re happy to welcome our friend and colleague, Laurie Gombash as a guest today at The Inspired Treehouse to share some of her favorite DIY therapy materials and creative core exercises for kids!

    Creative writing exercises are an important part of your writing process. Exercises can assist you to add dimension to your characters, making them live and breathe on the page. The setting exercises will help you to create a rich, vibrant setting for a story, involving all the senses and adding to the reader’s full vicarious experience.

    These exercises can help you brainstorm plot twists to keep your reader guessing, or sharpen your observational powers in your everyday life.

    When you feel stuck or blocked, you can use exercises to get you writing again or help you create a character which will be believable. Or if you’ve had a busy day with the kids and work, an exercise can help you to get your head into your story before you start writing.

    You will find that you’ll collect favorite creative writing exercises which you’ll use on most of your stories. Check this section regularly for new exercises.

    Character exercises
    Setting Exercises
    Creative Writing Exercises

  • If you want to be more creative, it makes sense to use the techniques people have already discovered that aid creativity. Using the creative thinking exercises below will help train you to become a more creative person. You'll learn how to come up with more and better ideas on a consistent basis.


    • Creative thinking exercise 001: Combine Ideas
      This creative thinking exercise will show you how to combine ideas to create amazing new innovations and breakthroughs.
    • Creative thinking exercise 002: SCAMPER
      Use the SCAMPER creative thinking exercise to generate brilliant new ideas and creative breakthroughs. Invented by Bob Eberle, and popularised in books like Thinkertoys, here's how SCAMPER can unpick the lock on the creative treasure chest in your mind.
    • Creative thinking exercise 003: Good Bad Interesting
      Use this creative thinking exercise to develop mental flexibility through looking at the good, bad and interesting aspects of an idea using lateral thinking.

    I do weekly creativity exercises with my third graders and I’m always looking for new pages to use. I can’t wait to use this one and I would love to see any other ideas that you have!

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For some reason, I am in a creative exercise mode right now. I love creative exercises in order to improve and expand my creativity. For fun, I thought I would share some with you.