Corrective Exercise: Week 1- Assesment

Welcome to our online, video Posture Corrective Exercises Series.

NASM Essentials Of Corrective Exercise Training: First Edition Revised

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  • Virgil recently became certified in the techniques of Corrective Exercise through the C.H.E.K Institute and is working together with all of the other great trainers and kinsesiologists at Kalev Fitness Solution to implement this new service for our clients. Keep your heads up for an official launch of the service involving brief explanations, interactive demonstrations, and prizes to be won.

    Ask the staff at the gym for more information, and in the mean time, take a peak at this local Vancouver magazine print on Corrective Exercise, featuring Virgil.

  • As you progress through this series of corrective exercises, please keep in mind these are just suggestions. There are many exercises that can improve shoulder mobility.

    A client of mine asked me to put together a video demonstrating the corrective exercise progressions I used to help him rehab his knee injury a few years ago. Here are a few basic suggestions for those suffering from knee pain:

    "WebExercises is awesome! It allows for my corrective exercises to be more effective, better instructions and communication, and it saves me time!"

    —Stuart Wilson, PT, MS, SFMA

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    In this video, I wanted to go through a great corrective exercise that you can quickly do to start the day off. It is called the Reverse Overhead Lunge.

Frequency of Corrective Exercise

It's important to train for the demands of high-intensity running, jumping, twisting, and cutting. Having weaknesses or deficiencies increases your chance of injury and can force you to miss games. Corrective exercises can help you activate weak muscles or stretch the ones that frequently get tight.