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SPRI Quick Select Xertube Resistance Band Exercise Cord (Green / Light)

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  • Similarly, in magical work, when we ground and center we are able to access a much stronger potential of magical energy. For example, when we are doing a Ceremony, we can use the Grounding Cord exercise after creating a sacred space. This will bring us more powerfully into the center of our space and provide a very strong energy to use when we then , do an abundance spell, or create a magical . The use of visualization is common to most magical practitioners and the Grounding Cord exercise is a very earthy and real way to enhance our creative work.

    Next time you are feeling overwhelmed with emotion, tension, or stress, take off your shoes and let your feet breathe. Open up your lungs with deep breaths and use the Grounding Cord exercise to reconnect with the center of our Mother Earth. Remember, this is a very real and wonderful connection, one that should be honored each day. We so often forget that sense of gratitude as we rush off to fulfill our tasks and by grounding and centering we can reclaim that in a very simple, effective, and present way, one that does not require any special skill or years of practice. t is vital to remember that we are in a physical form, one that will all too soon dissolve. Let us enjoy it while it lasts!

  • The motorized Theracycle assists people with spinal cord injuries to get the exercise and therapy they need right in their own home. Using the Theracycle on a regular basis for spinal cord injury exercise will help to reduce tone and spasticity, increase flexibility, and improve overall health. Theracycle’s rugged construction and customized pedals ensure that the user will be safe and secure as they get a great workout with Theracycle exercises for spinal cord injuries.

    During Reiki or healing sessions, the Grounding Cord exercise also works to not only anchor us to the Earth, but also to release any unwanted energy that may be triggered by the healing. Ideally, we as healers will not take on anything muddled or stagnant from a client, but sometimes it can happen. By using the Grounding Cord exercise as a way to release excess energy, we can aim to not take on anything from our clients. At the end of a healing session, simply imagine anything muddled or unclear flowing back out of you and your and into the Earth's center, where it will neutralize. For those who are Second Degree practitioners of Reiki, try using the Grounding Cord exercise before sending your distance healing; this can enhance your Reiki practice by bringing even more energy into the healing session because this, in essence, is creating a clear container. Knowing that we will clearly not be carrying our client's trauma or drama with us, we are able to go much deeper into the healing process.

    The SportCord was developed in the early 1980's by physical therapist Topper Hagerman and athletic trainer John Atkins as a means to keep the US Olympic Ski Team in shape while traveling. It proved to be an effective tool for maintaining strength and rehabilitating athletic injuries, and is now used by athletes and physical trainers worldwide.

    SportCord was one of the first stretch cord exercisers, and is still the best, due to its unwavering commitment to quality and functionality.

  • Physical-therapist and trainer-designed Sport Cords and accessories are among the first stretch cord exercisers, and still the best, due to their functionality and quality. Made in the U.S.A. from durable rubber, nylon and steel materials, Sport Cords and accessories are built to last.

    Benefit from superior consistency, safety and comfort throughout numerous home-fitness and rehabilitation programs.

    High-performing, low-cost Sport Cords are available in four different, color-coded resistance levels that attach with ease to the accessories designed to accompany them (, , and sold separately).

Redcord suspension exercise system

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