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Stamina 55-1603 InMotion Elliptical, Orange

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  • looks a lot like somebody shrank—and then ripped the top off—a gym elliptical machine. Unfortunately, it was nearly impossible to use under a desk without banging my knees. When I stepped away from my desk, however, I found it to be a pretty decent compact exercise machine.

    The present invention answers the need for a more compact exercise machine by providing a machine which will fit conveniently against adjoining walls at the corner of a room and require only a floor space of about 5 ft. by 6 ft. This is accomplished by providing a frame with a corner column and two wing extensions at right angles to one another. One of these extensions supports a butterfly station at which the exerciser faces with his (her) back to the wall which is behind the butterfly station, and the other one of the extensions has a press station in which the press arms swing toward and away from the adjoining wall which is directly behind the press station. The leg curl/extension station is provided at the outer end of an adjustable bench and is used when the bench is positioned to extend from the corner column diagonally outwardly between the press and butterfly stations. The bench is shifted to extend from the press station at right angles to the adjacent wall when using the press station.

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