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Try this communication skill exercise on active listening on your friends, family, work colleagues and even your boss.

The Conflict and Communication Activity Book: 30 High-Impact Training Exercises for Adult Learners

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  • There’s often nothing more valuable to effective communication than the ability to effectively listen. Too often, people “talk past” each other and mistakenly believe they’re actually communicating, which they’re really not. Developing effective listening skills is crucial to developing overall communication skills, in fact, and there are many different communication exercises that can help cultivate listening abilities.

    The objective of “draw what you hear” as a listening or communication exercise is to teach the value of good listening. Without the ability to see a person describing something to you, and that person unable to see what you’re drawing and thus correct your interpretation you’ll both soon enough learn to become keen listeners.

  • You can also hide interesting items, or even reward-type items, such as free movie or dinner tickets or tokens that can be traded in for various prizes, especially when you’re first implementing these types of team building and communication exercises.

    Try this communication skill exercise on active listening on your friends, family, work colleagues and even your boss. You’ll learn a lot, and they will never know...

    The importance of good communication skills cannot be overemphasized. As you improve your skills for communication, you will also improve your relationships and your work environment.The communication lesson below is simple, and it won’t take an extra minute of your time. And, even better, you can have some fun with it.Effective communication skills are learned, and this communication lesson will help you improve yours...

    Often we give mixed signals when we communicate with someone. Our body language is not congruent with our words. That simply means that we are saying one thing, and our body language is saying something else. For example :When practicing active listening skills you are using both verbal and non-verbal communication, and, at the same time, you are maintaining focus and showing interest in what the other person is saying. Everything that is happening, should make sense, and your words and body language should make sense together.

    Throughout this consider the below points:

  • Successful scavenging, as a team, requires a great of communication and coordination, and the scavenger hunt game should be conducted in a spirit of fun and not ultra-competitiveness. Invariably, leaders and followers in a scavenger hunt team emerge and if you conduct this communication exercise regularly always ensure you mix up membership among the teams so that different people are working and communicating with each other in their teams.

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A good example of a useful communication exercise of the problem solving variety is the sneak a peek game. The only materials you need for a quick game of sneak a peek is a simple set of children’s building blocks, in fact. To play sneak a peak, employees or people only need gather around while one person, usually the facilitator or instructor, builds a small sculpture using some of the blocks, taking care to hide the finished product from the group of people.