What’s the goal for each coding exercise?

Putting ICD-10 into Practice: Coding exercises and scenarios

Exercises for Programmers: 57 Challenges to Develop Your Coding Skills

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  • Jerebko and former Celtic Leon Powe, now a community ambassador with the team, chatted with the kids as they tackled a coding exercise on new laptops in the “Innovation Kingdom.” The lab was equipped through a partnership between the Celtics and Southern New Hampshire University, which combined forces to bolster technology at area schools.

    Throughout 2013, our Partners in Health UpdateSM newsletter featured a series of articles titled Putting ICD-10 into Practice: Coding exercises and scenarios in preparation for the transition to ICD-10. Each month we published coding exercises and scenarios to help you put into practice the new guidelines and conventions you learned about in the ICD-10 Spotlight: Know the codes series. The booklet below includes all of these coding exercises and scenarios for your reference.

  • July 24 2015: Every week the EyeCodingForum will be posting ICD-10 coding exercises for optometry and ophthalmology. These follow our comprehensive, six-hour ICD-10 training program and our 4-page ICD-10 code list (aka “cheat sheet). Click on the image below to print it full-size.

    Small groups of students huddled around laptops during the coding exercise, which involved controlling “BB-8” — a droid from last year’s “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” through computer software.

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Answers to coding exercises:
1) O00.1 2) R87.5 3) P01.7 4) O13.2, O09.522 5) N39.0, P39.3 6) N80.1 7) N76.1 8) N81.2, N81.3 9) N97.1 10) A63.0