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  • To compensate for the shortcomings and alleviate the problems associated with the existing devices the improved climbing exercise machine as disclosed in the present invention incorporates the capability of a vertical climbing motion in both the "homolateral pattern" and the "cross crawl pattern". Further this capability is provided in a climbing exercise machine which maintains the foot pedal and the handles in a single plane. The above-stated capabilities enable the machine to be used for diverse applications and considerably increases the practicality of the machine for commercial use.

    FIG. 3 is a perspective view of the chains and trucks of the climbing exercise machine of FIG. 1, broken away from the track structure and configured for use in a "cross crawl pattern".

  • FIG. 4 is a perspective partially sectioned view illustrating the track structure of the climbing exercise machine and the opening that facilitates the "cross crawl pattern".

    The instant invention overcomes all of these problems. It is a portable, stable rope climbing exercise machine that has a stable support frame that extends into the room, allowing the unit to be placed close to a wall; a plurality of rope pulleys and rope guides mounted to a friction drive mechanism. This leaves the frame free of rotating components; an endless rope extends around the pulleys and guides to form a path which includes a vertically extending rope climbing portion, and an hydraulic braking assembly coupled to the pulley system for controlling the rate of movement of the rope based upon the weight of the user when said user is climbing the rope. The key to this device is the seat portion, attached to the horizontal frame. This allows the user to sit (or more precisely assume a bent legged position) while using the machine. The rope passes through a hole in the seat, which eliminates any tripping hazard from the rope. Because the user sits to use the machine, the frame can be lower than 7 feet tall. This means the device can be placed in any ordinary room including compact gyms and even homes.

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  • 04 Sep 2008
    UFC fighters rising to the top with the Versaclimber
    The Versaclimber stepping and climbing exercise machine has become a popular choice of training equipment for the stars of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

    The present invention relates generally to the art of machine assisted exercise and more particularly to an improved climbing exercise machine for providing coordinated leg and arm movements to simulate a vertical climbing action.

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Unlike conventional cardio machines which seem to focus on the lower body. Vertical climber exercise machines offer a grueling full body workout. There are foot pedals to support your lower body and hand rails to ensure your upper body doesn’t escape the pain.