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This is a sampler from my DVD, A Visual Guide To Chinese Healing Exercises

Chinese Healing Exercises: A Personalized Practice for Health & Longevity

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  • What Chinese Self-Care Exercises Do, and How They Provide Those Benefits
    While you might understandably think that the above distinctions made between qigong and Chinese Self Care exercises imply that qi is not directly influenced by these exercises, that would not be correct. Acupuncture, shiatsu, tuina, and herbal medicines all access qi directly, if in somewhat different ways. Qi is life force, and is responsible for all healthy functionality, animation, vitality, emotional balance, and mental clarity. Chinese Healing Exercises have a positive impact on all those qualities, in its own unique ways. What exactly is it that Chinese Healing Exercises do, and how do their provide their benefits?

    The earliest systematic and detailed information on Chinese healingexercises comes from ancient medical manuscripts that were excavated over thelast twenty years and date for the most part from the early Han dynasty (late secondcentury B.C.E.). The manuscripts include both technical medical texts and materialson longevity techniques. ...

  • The Advantages of Chinese Self Care Exercises
    While personal instruction is always advisable, these exercises may be learned quickly, thoroughly, and safely from a book. While the range of benefits for any individual exercise is nowhere near as extensive as you'd find in taiji or most qigongs, they are targeted to a particular purpose, and work very well for that intended purpose. Because each exercise is short, able to be learned in a few minutes and performed in even less time, it's easy to add more of them to your daily practice as needed. They are gentle enough to be performed by almost everyone, and most are easily modifiable if needed to accommodate special needs or physical restrictions. They're extremely convenient, requiring very little space and no special clothing or equipment. Since you don't need to visit a gym or yoga studio, they're economical as well. Chinese Healing Exercises are associated with practices that have been around for six hundred to more than three thousand years, so you can be sure they've been thoroughly researched, developed, and proven to be very effective.

    A complete new chapter of developments in Chinese healing exercises,and one that would lead directly to their modern adaptation into qigong, commencedwith the Song dynasty (960–1260). The religious and social environment ofthis time was very different from that of the Tang, whose political, religious, andcultural structures ...

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    The most obvious place to look for traditional Chinese healing exercisestoday is modern Chinese qigong 氣功, a Communist adaptation of ancientpractices for public health that developed into a mass movement, supported thequest for supernatural powers, and eventually grew into religious cults ...

Traditional Chinese Exercises and Exercise Programs

Over six chapters and many pages we have now pursued the historyand unfolding of Chinese healing exercises or Daoyin. The tradition is long andvaried, ranging from the earliest traces in the late Zhou dynasty to the modernWest. Its first documentation shows the centrality of slow, gentle movements inconjunction with deep, ...