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How To Use Cable Machines These Cable Machine Exercises Can Help Take Your Gains To The Next Level

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  • Cable machine exercises can be very beneficial not just in strength and conditioning programs, but they are incredibly useful in rehabilitation programs and for general corrective exercise. Cables are some of the best tools for strengthening the shoulder rotator cuff. There are many different exercises designed for cables that challenge rotator cuff stability in ways that are safer than using dumbbells. You’re also utilizing quite a bit of core activation to stabilize the torso while issuing cables. Most cable exercises have you sitting, standing, or kneeling. But rarely is your back supported. This means you have to engage the core stabilizers to maintain proper posture while performing the movements. Cables are so versatile in fact; that I can confidently claim that if you only ever had access to a full cable station, and no dumbbells or barbells, that you could combine the cable station with bodyweight exercise to build an incredibly strong well developed body. I honestly would classify cable movements as the same type of training as free weights.

    There are 3 Cable Machine Exercises in the video above. The first one is a reverse lung with rotation, followed by a wood chop and lastly, a single legged straight arm pull down. These are all awesome exercises to target your mid section as well as the other areas of your body such as legs and arms.

  • Even though they're wonderful pieces of equipment, there are things you need to remember before hitting the cable machine. Beginners in particular should be careful to add resistance to the cable machine in small increments. And that should be after first mastering the correct form for doing each exercise. Here are the 10 cable machine exercises to give you a different, core engaging way of making strength gains and burning off excess calories without the strain and injury risk of free weights.

    Cable machines are a type of weight machine that allow for a wide variety of movements and weight lifting exercises. Learn how to do cable machine exercises with tips from a fitness instructor in this free exercise video series.

  • The lateral raise cable machine exercise should keep the core muscles engaged and the keep slightly apart. Learn more about lateral raise cable machine exercises with tips from a fitness…

Cable Machine Exercises - Squat and Row

Cable machine abduction exercises work the glutes and the outside of the thigh muscles. Learn more about abduction cable machine exercises with tips from a fitness instructor in this free…