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Learn C the Hard Way: Practical Exercises on the Computational Subjects You Keep Avoiding (Like C) (Zed Shaw's Hard Way Series)

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  • Looking to hone your C programming skills? Are you just learning to program and need to find area where you need to improve? Completing some C programming exercises is an awesome way to become a better programmer!

    Doing some of these challenges can help you learn more about the C language, improve problem solving skills, and master new coding techniques.

    Finding programming exercises can be difficult, so I created this guide to C programming exercises. Here is a growing list of places where you can brush up on your programming skills (and to learn new ones.)

    This book is geared toward being used as a basis for a game-oriented programming course. Each part in this book is concluded by exercises and challenges. Solutionsto the exercises are available . The challenges are generally more complex programming exercises. These challenges can serveas practical assignments for students following the programming course.

  • is essentially a large database of programming problems in various languages.

    Here, you can select your preferred programming language and check out exercises to solve in that particular language. The above link will take you to their index of C programming exercises.

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