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Talk to your trainer to incorporate the butterfly exercises in your workout regimen today.

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  • You can perform chest butterfly exercises on an inclined bench to target your upper pectoral muscles and shoulders. You can also perform them on a declined bench to stimulate your lower pectoral muscles, triceps and upper abs. Targeting various muscle groups helps to keep your physique proportionate in strength and stability, while assisting to maintain a degree of dynamic and freshness in your workout.

    Butterfly versus fly
    Do not confuse butterflies with flies, these are two separate group of exercises. The butterfly exercise can be done only of butterfly machine. For this you will need arm levers, and to keep your shoulder on a vertical position. Contrary to this, during a fly, your arms are almost fully extended, parallel to the ground as you push the weight together. Flies can be done using other types of devices such as cable machine, dumbbells or a resistance band.
    Butterfly is considered more effective, since you push more weight than in case of fly. This happens because arm is bent,and allow you to work with greater weight. Fly is also target chest muscles.

  • Your pectoral muscles attach to your collarbone, shoulder blades and the vertebrae of your back and neck. As you perform chest butterfly exercises, these muscles are pulled tighter and strengthened. This helps your neck muscles to support and align your head, while relieving tension and stiffness in your lower back, improving your posture. In order to receive this posture-improving result, adhere to proper form by keeping your back and head aligned throughout the exercise.

    The Butterfly exercise is an effective move to tone your chest and make it stronger. Targeting the pecs, this workout helps in the development of thick muscles. This exercise is effective and needs to be performed while seating on a weighted machine. This might be a little difficult to do at first, so we suggest you perform every rep properly in full control. You don’t want to injure yourself now, do you?

    Exercise Name:Butterfly Exercise
    Main Muscle:Chest
    Secondary Muscle(s):N/A
    Exercise Type:Isolation, Push
    Equipment Required:Machine

  • Chest butterfly exercises help to improve your upper-body circulation, which means more energy and power during other activities or sports. Your chest muscles are connected to the muscles in your shoulders, and improving the circulation between the two can help prevent shoulder joint instability or injury. Improving your upper-body circulation also helps to relieve excess tension in your back and arm muscles, helping to relieve pain and soreness.

Butterfly Chest Exercise | Get Fit - Jillian Michaels

There are several exercises that use the moniker "butterfly" because their actions resemble the opening and closing of butterfly wings. Butterfly pose is a yoga stretch that increases the flexibility of the lower back without compromising the hamstrings. The butterfly chest exercise strengthens the pectoral muscles and uses dumbbells. The book "Essential Exercise for Breast Cancer Patients" recommends performing the butterfly arm stretch to stretch the chest and armpit muscles. Each exercise can be performed while sitting on a chair if you have limited mobility or don't have access to exercise equipment.